How to Start an Independent Practice – The Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Success By Carolyn Zaumeyer

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Are you a nurse practitioner interested in your own independent practice? Have you done the research and planned your independent practice thoroughly? Research and planning are vital to success in your nurse practitioner business. Without it, you are sure to fail. Before making the commitment to start your own practice, there are many areas that a nurse practitioner needs to research, assess and plan for. Some of the areas include:

– Personal Considerations: Planning for success;

– Analyzing the potential of your independent practice;

– Business strategies and development;

– Launching your nurse practitioner business;

– Managing your business.

The book also teaches nurse practitioners how to:

• Prepare a business plan and do a market analysis

• Choose a location, and select a business name and logo, practice insurance, and start-up financing

• Set up fees and manage the reimbursement process

• Evaluate the need for hospital privileges and the application process

• Know the law regarding prescriptive privileges

• Set up and maintain good medical records

• Market through advertising, networking, and press releases

• Manage employees

• Manage finances, including which accounting program to use, and how to manage taxes

• Sell a business

These topics (and much more!) on how to succeed in a nurse practitioner business are included in this book. Click here to purchase the book OR call 954.224.9315. Feel free to email with any questions, or if you need further assistance.

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